Brickworks staff and hands, probably at Woolpit
Some West Suffolk Brickworks

Including Brickearth and the importance of claypits

Introduction to Brickearth, claypits and Brick making in Suffolk
Brickworks in Bury St Edmunds
The Southgate Brick and Tile works, Bury St Edmunds
The Westley Road Brick works, Bury St Edmunds
The Eastgate Street Brick works, Bury St Edmunds
Sicklesmere and Welnetham area
Oakes Brickworks at Nowton
Rushbrooke's Brickworks at Sicklesmere
Andrews' Brickworks at Sicklesmere
Brickworks at Bradfield St George etc.
Brickworks at Bradfield Combust
Brickworks at Bradfield St Clare
Brickworks at Woolpit
Kiln Farm Brickworks at Woolpit 1819-1948
Crossways Brickworks at Woolpit 1783-1939
Kiln Lane Brickworks at Woolpit 1844-1916
Old Kiln Brickworks at Woolpit 1573-1892
Woolpit brickworks Tramway or Railway
Other West Suffolk Brickworks
Mildenhall Brickworks
Brickworks at Icklingham
Brickworks at Lackford
Brickworks at Culford Estate
Risby Brickworks
Brickworks at Battlies Green, Rougham Estate 1890-1905
Brickworks at Rougham 1788-1851
North Suffolk border area
Holt-Wilson's Brickworks at Botesdale
Brickworks at Hoxne
Brickworks at Elveden Estate
Euston Estate Brickworks at Barnham
Euston Estate Brickworks at Wash Pit Field - known from archaeology
Experimental Steam Brickworks at Brandon
Knettishall Brickworks by Hall Farm
Stour Valley and Sudbury
W G Jarvis's Clare Brickworks
Allen's Grove Brickworks, Ballingdon Grove
Victoria Brickworks, Ballingdon
Chilton Brickworks at Chilton
California Brickworks at Chilton
Alexandra Brickworks at Chilton
Little Cornard Brickworks
Haverhill area of Stour Valley
Simpson's Heasworth Brickworks, Beaumont Vale
John and Goulding Hall's Brickworks High Street/Hamlet Road
Mount Pleasant Brickworks, Withersfield Road
J C Arber's Brickworks, Meldham Bridge, Withersfield Road
Mason & Son Brickworks, Withersfield

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