The Abbey of St Edmund c1500

Picture Gallery of
Bury St Edmunds Celebrations for
800 years of Magna Carta


Picture Page 1 - A flavour of the Cathedral Exhibition

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Information banner on the celebrations.

The Olle Centrepiece is a 25 inch circular charger or centrepiece plate depicting the heraldic Arms of St Edmundsbury and surrounded by the 25 shields of the Barons who met in Bury in 1214 plus that of King John and the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is known as the Olle Centrepiece after Robert Arthur Cecil Olle who died in 1975, having twice been Mayor of Bury St Edmunds, who left a bequest for the piece to be made and used at civic functions. Designed by Mr. Louis Osman, B.A. (Arch.), F.R.I.B.A.

Part of the exhibition included replica banners such as this one, and other medieval replica items to give a flavour of the times.

The connection between the Abbey of St Edmund, at Bury, and the Magna Carta.

This panel shows an extract from The Flowers of History. It is our only direct statement that the Barons held a secret meeting at Bury Abbey where they agreed to place a Charter of Rights before the King.

The story of King John's reign was not a wholly happy one.

King John's relationship with the Pope was a stormy one. However, in the end, John had to ask the Pope to annul the Great Charter which he had agreed to seal at Runnymede in 1215.

This panel gives a thumbnail sketch of each of the main Barons involved in the Magna Carta.

This panel gives further thumbnail sketches of the main Barons involved in the Magna Carta.

Only a few clauses from Magna carta remain in law today, most having been superceded by modern legislation.

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