Rescue at Cotton Lane Allotments

The floods of September 1968
Beginning on Monday 15th September, 1968


Bury St Edmunds

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This view of Out Northgate is from the foot of Station Hill looking towards the Railway Tavern (Linden Tree today)

Mulley's garage in Out Northgate

Yard in Out Northgate. Now a Tyre Centre.

Flooding in Tayfen Road, looking towards the Ipswich Arms

Another view of Tayfen Road. Looking from the Ipswich Arms towards Northgate Street. The gas works extension is behind the wall on the right. (View is before the roundabout was built)

Flooded Allotments in Cotton Lane

Allotment holder rescues his cat from the floods

Floods in Mustow Street

The Abbey Gardens along the River Lark

Recognisable features show above the waters

Children's play area showing Maypole and swings

Abbots Bridge with geese and sightseeers

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All the photographs on this page are by Stephen Addy

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