The missing element is believed to be TGC, as the inn was owned by Thomas Gery Cullum at the time. This is from the wall surrounding the Tollgate Inn, Fornham Road, Bury St Edmunds
Photographed too late!

Wall Plaques of
Bury St Edmunds and surrounds


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Erected since 1990

The building on which a plaque is fixed is usually shown below it.
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Hospice Foundation stone 1991

Angel Hill improvements, 1992

Hospice Opening date 1993

St Nicholas Hospice seen in June 2006

Location of Angel Hill improvements plaque in 2008

St Nicholas Hospice seen in June 2006

Wall refurbished by the Town Trust in 1994, helped by the Alison Rae bequest

Time capsule buried at Tesco's in 1996

Mount Road cycle path opened 10th November, 1997

Wall to west of St Mary's Church

Plaque location for
Time Capsule behind Tesco's

Mount Road cycle path opened by David Thomas MEP

Chequer Square refurbishments also opened 10th November, 1997

Bury St Edmunds Society Award 2003

New parking and pavements
Lake Avenue Shops
March 2005

Plaque location for
Chequer Square refurbishments 1997

Tayfen Terrace, Tayfen Road refurbished in 2003

Improved parking and pavements at Lake Avenue Shops

Holocaust Memorial Plaque, January, 2015.

Holocaust Memorial Garden with plaque, teardrop sculpture and benches, January, 2015.

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