The missing element is believed to be TGC, as the inn was owned by Thomas Gery Cullum at the time. This is from the wall surrounding the Tollgate Inn, Fornham Road, Bury St Edmunds
Photographed too late!

Wall Plaques of
Bury St Edmunds and surrounds


Picture Page 4, 1870 - 1899

The building on which a plaque is fixed is usually shown below it.
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BB refers to Robert and George Boby who were partners in the Station Works. (George Burlingham's maltings was adjacent.)
Robert and George Boby built a beer finings factory here, opened in phases after 1872, with the addition of vinegar, barrel making, and a variety of other processes.

Horsetrough Plaque
Presented to this Borough by Lady Bunbury, November 1875

Gibralter Barracks, Built 1878

Offices remaining from Boby's Station Works. Burlingham's buildings on Station Hill, Bury, are in the background.

On the Broadway, Eastgate Street

Gibralter Barracks, Out Risbygate
Bury St Edmunds
Left of main gate

Gibralter Barracks 'VR'
Right of main gate

Edward Greene and Son

On the Water Pump House, Cattlemarket

Gibralter Barracks, Out Risbygate
Bury St Edmunds
Right of main gate

Once the Foundry Maltings of Edward Greene, now housing in Westgate Street

Pumphouse of 1881, from cattle market car park

Risbygate Street Market Entrance

The home of the Grammar School
1665 to 1883
Northgate Street

New Sunday School, opened in 1887

New Market Entrance

St Andrews Close
Northgate Street

New Sunday School in Whiting Street in 1887

Old Police Station 1891
St Johns Street

James Stiff
Sunday School benefactor in 1892

Lathbury Institute built 1896 for St John's Church

Old Police Station
St Johns Street

Baptist Sunday School in Garland Street, Bury

Lathbury Institute seen in 2007
Church Row
Now converted into housing

M H Blanchard
London 1874

(Queen Victoria's Diamond) Jubilee 1897
Clayton Schofield was one of Bury's last wool merchants. He lived at 70 Guildhall Street.

Terra cotta Construction
St Mary's Square
Bury St Edmunds

The Old Wool Warehouse on St Andrews Street South

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