New West Suffolk Police HQ

West Suffolk Police
New Headquarters


Official Opening 9th October, 1964

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Leaflet Front cover

Page 1 The Police Committee

Page 2 Police Staffing

Page 3 Describing the buildings

Page 4 The buildings continued

Page 5 The buildings continued

Page 6 Staff in 1869 and 1899

Page 7 Example of staff by 1964

Page 8 New station from the front

Page 9 New building from the rear

Page 10 Layout Plan

Page 11 Ancillary buildings

Page 12 Layout key to plans on page 10 and 11

Page 13 Architects and Builders

Page 14 Short History

Page 15 Short history continued

Page 16 Printed by W W Hawes of Elmswell

This document, kindly supplied for inclusion here, is from the Martyn Taylor Collection

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