The A45, now A14 by-pass at Bury St Edmunds
The A45, now called A14, Bury By-pass

Bury St Edmunds A45 Bypass

Official Opening


7th December 1973

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Front cover
Rougham Interchange

Sketch of the Project


Scheme description page 1, Design and roadworks

Above: Eastern interchange (Moreton Hall) from the east
Below: Looking towards Beetons Way from Thingoe cutting

Scheme description page 2 and bridge works

Above: Abattoir bridge in foreground (Moreton Hall) railway bridge behind, from the east
Below: Central interchange

Bridge works continued, and walls

Bridge 11 at eastern interchange (Moreton Hall)

List of commissioning bodies and contractors

View east from Westley interchange
Showing the plastic grooves in the concrete carriageway.
These were destined to be removed because of their noise profile

Rear Cover

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