These plaques were set up after 1907. This one was on Blomfield House, now demolished, but replaced by a Health Centre of the same name.
These plaques were set up after 1907

Wall Plaques
Notable People of Bury St Edmunds


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The building on which a plaque is fixed is usually shown below it.
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Duke Humphrey
Commemorating his suspicious death at Bury St Edmunds in 1447

Letitia Rookes of the Widow's Coffee House

Mary Dorling 1740
The perfect wife
St Mary's church

Ruins of St Saviours Hospital
Fornham Road, Bury

The Widow's Coffee House stood between the Cathedral and the Norman Tower

North Wall of St Mary's church

Benjamin Malkin
Headmaster of the Grammar School 1809 to 1828
Plaque located in Cathedral Cloister

Lord Stradbroke
A modern plaque from 1961
Plaque located in Cathedral Cloister

Bartholomew Gosnold
A modern plaque from 2007
Plaque located on Chapel of the Charnel in the Great Churchyard

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Other wall plaques can be seen around the town.

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