Thetford Earthworks - an Iron Age Hill Fort. Viewed from the Norman mound. Picture by Susan White.
Iron Age earthworks at Thetford

The Development of Thetford in maps
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Features of the site of Thetford by Alan Crosby. Published in History of Thetford by Alan Crosby.

Thetford site in the Iron Age

This map shows the features which made Thetford a site of strategic importance in the Iron Age.

Thetford by 1066. Map published in The History of Thetford by Alan Crosby.

Saxon and Danish Thetford

Thetford was at the height of its importance before 1066, having been developed considerably under Danish rule for its strategic location on a navigable river in the heart of prosperous East Anglia.


"The History of Thetford" by Alan Crosby.

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