Abbey Ruins was the address of this house from which the Visitors Book came

The Great War of 1914 to 1918
Picture Gallery of
Bury St Edmunds and surrounds
Visitors Book


Picture Page 3 - Ten more pages of names

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Page 12. Includes 6th Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Australian Pioneers, Kings Shropshire LI, 4th Field Co of Australian Engineers, 3rd Battn Duke of Wellingtons, 6th Battn Dorset Regt.

Page 13. Includes 4th Duke of Wellingtons, Gordon Highlanders, 2 Berkshire, Green Howards, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Page 14. Includes 7th N W Kents, 8th Canadians-Winnipeg, 18th Middlesex, 77th Field Ambulance RAMC.

Page 15. Includes Signals Services, Loyal North Lancs, Grenadier Guards, 11th Battalion Suffolks. The name third from the bottom is Corporal Sidney J Day, who won the Victoria Cross on August 26th 1917 at Malakhoff Farm. This was one of the two VCs awarded to the Suffolk Regiment in the Great War.

Page 16. Includes 1st, 2nd & 8th Suffolks, Army Service Corps, Argyle and Sutherland, 12 Division Horse Transport, 2/1 Norfolk Yeomanry.

Page 17 contains dates of 6th May and 13th May, 1918. Includes 1/5 Yorks and Lancs, Honourable Artillery Company, 301 Labour Company HRE, 19th Australians, 2/1 Montgomery Yeomanry, Jock Frae Bonnie Dundee, 8th Suffolks.

Page 18 is dated 13th and 27th May, 1918, 3rd and 10th June, 1918. Includes South Wales Borderers, Royal Warwickshires, London Rifle Brigade, 1st London Scottish, S Staffs Regt.

Page 19 contains dates of 10th & 17th & 24th June, 1st & 29th July, 1918. Includes Cameron Highlanders, Black Watch, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Durham Light Infantry, 8th Royal Highlanders.

The 20th page of names from all parts of the allied army. Dated from 5th, 12th, 19th August, 1918. Includes 51st Queens B W Surreys, Machine Gun Corps, 1/2 Monmouth Regt, 6th Battn the Buffs East Kent, 18th Battn Highland Light Infantry.

Page 21. The final page of names ends just as unceremoniously as the book began. The top of page has the date of 2nd September, 1918, but the last dated entry is 9th September, 1918. Includes 1st Garrison Battery North Staffords, 1st London Scottish.

In all, some 505 names are included here.

Steps under an archway incorporating abbey ruins made another interesting garden feature for visitors to explore.

This final picture shows how the remains of the abbey's High Altar had been incorporated into the ornamental garden to the house. The commemorative plaques visible can still be seen today, but nowadays they are within a public park, open to all.

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This is the last page of the Visitors Book at Abbey Precincts from the years of the Great War. Two volumes came into the possession of Kathleen M Lewis, a frequent visitor to the house. In 1958 she sent them to Miss Ann Youngs who had been in service at this location. They were inherited by Mr Nigel Finch who kindly gave permission for their publication here.

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