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Picture Page 7 - Casualties continued

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One of many views of patients at Ampton Hall taken by Walton Burrell. (Gerald Brown collection.)

Yet another view of a casualty ward at Ampton Hall by Walton Burrell. Ampton Hall hospital treated 6,568 sick or wounded soldiers. Many of the wards were in huts in the grounds.

This is a Walton Burrell photograph of ambulances waiting to transport wounded soldiers from the railway station at Ingham to Ampton Hall, which served as a Red Cross hospital during the First World War. It is dated 19th May 1917. Note the Victoria Laundry van lending help.

One of the many pictures of Ampton hospital by Walton Burrell, negative 5066.

Colonial soldiers at Ampton hospital. Probably Australians and others. After the war Burrell would receive particular thanks for his assistance to Australian troops. Note the tiny flags.

At first I thought this was one of the many pictures of Ampton hospital by Walton Burrell showing the Livermere stream which runs through the estate and on to Culford. However, by consulting the family album held at the West Suffolk Record Office I found that this is one of several pictures Burrell took at Brettenham Park, which was yet another local hospital for wounded combatants.

Hengrave Hall was yet another large building used for hospital purposes during the Great War. Walton Burrell took this picture on 22nd April, 1918. Members of the staff are shown with recovering soldiers. Note the two accompanying dogs, one representing a Scottish regiment.

This comic card was sent by a recovering soldier from Livermere to Berkhamstead. "Dear all, I am out of hospital best luck, but I am still on the sick list. I do not see much of Arthur now as he is in charge of the canteen and sleeps in it. They will not give us leave except in special cases but I think in a way it is best. Jem." September, 1914.

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