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Picture Page 2 - More training at camp

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This view of Ingham Camp in Summer 1915 was taken by Walton Burrell from the church tower in Ingham. By the end of 1915 there were many army training and transit camps set up in the countryside of Britain. One such was The Camp at Ingham, set up to the southern end of the village. It housed at various times the 69th East Anglian Division of the Cyclist's Corps, the Royal Engineers and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. This card was sent to Miss Minnie Middleditch of Bow by one 'Teddie'. "My tent marked X & very nice too. Absolutely soaked and flooded out."

This view of Ingham Camp has a date on the reverse of January, 1916.

Dated February 16th, 1916, this scene is a snow-bound version of the previous view of this camp at Ingham. There are no tents in this picture and a few more buildings than in the earlier shot.

Who can resist a snowball fight in the winter?

Another group in the snow at Ingham Camp.

More of the men at Ingham Camp .

Some of the NCOs at Ingham Camp.

Cycling soldiers at camp in Ingham.

Inside view of one of the huts at Ingham.

Some of Walton Burrell's pictures survive with precise dating, while others do not. This one is labelled Date 23 May 1918. These Gordon Highlanders are at camp at West Stow, Suffolk. Seven soldiers are seen outside a tent at the army camp, while the 8th man has moved during the exposure and exists only as a blur. Others are visible in the background.

Soldiers from the camp at West Stow relaxing in the River Lark nearby.

Here we see a group of soldiers and civilians in front of the church at Flempton. The Suffolk Record Office have this labelled as 'Date c1917' and the soldiers are Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

Here we see Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders visiting Flempton Mill, Suffolk. Thought to be in c1917, the photograph shows six soldiers with the miller and his family in front of the mill house.

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders are shown leaving Bury St Edmunds, taken on 16th October 1916. They are seen lined up under the railway bridge in Out Northgate Street, before taking the train to who knows where.

Here we see Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders playing golf at Flempton Golf Course, Suffolk. Negative number 4037 places it in 1917. On the reverse is the Burrell stamp W R BURRELL FORNHAM and the picture is kindly supplied by Omar James-Johnson.

This photograph by Walton Burrell shows members of the heavy battery of the East Anglian (Essex) Royal Garrison Artillery drinking in their canteen at camp at Cavenham. The battery had been stationed at Cavenham from 1914 until their departure in February, 1916. This view was taken in December, 1915, and the names are, from the left, Forrest, Brooking, Lepone, Clifford, Warde, Harding and Erridge.

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