The cover of the translation of 1810
Charter translated in 1810

The Charter of Incorporation
"4 Jac 1" or 3rd April 1606

Translated from the Latin original

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Pages 24 and 25
Power to elect replacements following a death.

Pages 26 and 27
Defines power to fine up to 20, anyone refusing to take up an elected position. Goal allowed for non payment. And to replace him.

Pages 28 and 29
Must appoint a Recorder. Robert Mawe appointed for life, with provision for his eventual replacement.

Pages 30 and 31
Must appoint a Town Clerk and Clerk of the Court. John Mallowes hereby appointed at the pleasure of the corporation.

Pages 32 and 33
Power to replace Town Clerk. Alderman's casting vote. Court of Record to sit every Thursday.

Pages 34 and 35
Court to hear all suits in the burgh up to 50 value.

Pages 36 and 37
Power to seize goods and arrest persons. Alderman to keep the fines. May appoint 2 Serjeants at Mace.

Pages 38 and 39
Serjeants to exercise arrests, and to bear maces of gold or silver. Other inferior officers to be appointed as necessary.

Pages 40 and 41
Alderman, Recorder and Assistants to be appointed Keepers and Justices of the Peace. JPs to have power to fine , arrest and imprison. Power to enquire into felonies, poisonings, witchcraft, inchantments, sacrileges, magic arts, trespasses etc

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