The cover of the translation of 1810
Charter translated in 1810

The Charter of Incorporation
"4 Jac 1" or 3rd April 1606

Translated from the Latin original

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Preface page 1
Discusses first three charters.
Those of 1606, 1608 and 1614

Preface page 2
Discusses charters 4 and 5 of Charles II

Charter text begins on page 5
Whereas the inhabitants have besought us for a better regimen...

Pages 6 and 7
These latters patent make the inhabitants into one corporate body, "The Alderman and Burgesses of Bury Saint Edmunds"..

Pages 8 and 9
Capable of holding lands, chattels etc, and going to law. To have a seal and one Alderman.

Pages 10 and 11
To have 4 Assistants, 12 Capital Burgesses, and 24 Burgesses of the Common Council. Power to make bye laws

Pages 12 and 13
Power to levy fines and punishments, and keep the proceeds.

Pages 14 and 15
Appoints the Alderman and four Assistants, pending due election. Twelve named Capital Burgesses appointed for life.

Pages 16 and 17
Twenty four Burgesses appointed for life. Defines power to remove members for bad management or ill conduct. Annual election of Alderman from Capital Burgesses.

Pages 18 and 19
The Alderman's oath. Power to remove and replace Alderman.

Pages 20 and 21
Annual appointment of any inhabitant to be an Assistant.

Pages 22 and 23
Power to replace an Assistant.

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