Pre-Conquest Anglo-Saxon Charters
Ulfcetel's Grant of lands, c. 1005

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The reference number S 1219 refers to P. H. Sawyer's catalogue of Anglo-Saxon charters dated 1968.

S 1219

Probably A.D. 978 x 1016. Ulfketel to Bury St Edmunds; grant of land at Rickinghall, Rougham, Woolpit, Hinderclay, Suffolk, and at Redfaresthorpe (? Redgrave, Suffolk). English.

Archive: Bury St Edmunds

MSS: 1. Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 2. 33, 49v (s. xiii2)
2. BL Add. 14847, 19v (s. xiv)
3. BL Add. 14850, 85r (s. xv)

Printed: K 1349; B 1013; Robertson, Charters, no. 73 (pp. 146-7), with translation.

Comments: Robertson, Charters, p. 392; Hart, ECEE, no. 83, authentic, record possibly made at Bury soon after date of transaction; Pelteret 1995, . 167, cited.

[H]er switeleþ on þis write ihu þat Vlfketel God vthe and sancte Eadmunde . þat is þat lond at Rikinghale 7 al þat þerto hireð . and þat lond at Rucham . and þat lond at Wlpet . and þat lond at Hildericlea . and þat at Redfaresþorpe . also so it stonden mid mete and mid manne and mid Sake and sokne also ic it aihte. Se þe þis awende ; God almithtin aWende his ansene on domesday from him buten he it er her þe rathere bete.

Here it is declared in this document that Ulfketel has granted to God and St Edmund the estate at Rickinghall and all that belongs to it, and the estate at Rougham and the estate at Woolpit and the estate at Hinderclay and that at Redfaresthorpe, as they stand with their produce and their men and with rights of jurisdiction, as he has owned them. If anyone alters this, God Almighty shall avert his countenance from him on the Day of Judgment, unless he has made amends for it here as quickly as possible.

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