Eighteenth Century tokens of
St Edmundsbury and surrounds


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Edge inscription - "Value one penny at P. Decks Post Office Bury 1794"

This face showing Bury's arms and this motto, "Success to the Plough and Fleece", also appears on other Bury tokens

The 'fleece' or woollen industry in Bury was in fact just dying out in Bury at this time

Celebrating local hero "Charles Marquis Cornwallis - His fame resounds from East to West"

Edge inscription reads "Payable at P. Decks Post Office Bury"

James Goers, ironmongers at Bury

Michael Apsey modified the design of this face to include his own name

The Abbey Gate was a symbol of Bury then as now. Rackhams Booksellers

An excellent design for an auctioneer - Charles Guest of Bury

A standard face and motto "Success to Trade", used by Apsey

Edge inscription says, "or at Leatherdales .x. Harleston Norfolk

This angel is known as Fame blowing its own trumpet

JF means John Fincham, a Haverhill Grocer, but he also had connections elsewhere, judging by the use of this token design

This modern copy produced for Gurteens anniversary celebrations has mistakenly been dated ten years early

Another motto, this time 'Success to the Plough and Shuttle'

Around the edge it says, "Payable at John Finchams Suffolk"

Haverhill Manufactory. (A less well known Haverhill token)

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