Tuck Card advertising the coming Pageant

Rose Mead

Artist of Bury St Edmunds

Postcards produced for the Pageant of 1907

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Episode 1 The Feast of the Romans

Episode 1 Boadicea

Episode 2 Edmund

Episode 2 The Martyrdom of King Edmund

Episode 2 The Finding of the Martyr's Head

Episode 3 Sweyn, King of the Danes

Episode 3 The Death of Sweyn

Episode 4 Abbot Samson

Episode 4 Samson rescues the Jews

Episode 5 Magna Charta

Episode 6 The Murder of the Duke of Gloucester

Episode 7 Mary Tudor knights Sir Thomas Kytson

Rose Mead, an artist of Bury St Edmunds, produced twelve watercolours illustrating the costumes and scenes from the Pageant of 1907. F G Pawsey and Co Ltd turned these into twelve picture postcards for sale to the public. In 1906 she had produced for the publisher Raphael Tuck and Sons the scene at the top of this page which Tuck published for sale to promote the coming pageant.

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