First Gasworks 1834

Bury St Edmunds Gas Company Centenary



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Front cover

Page 1, Title page

Page 2, First beginnings of gas

Page 3, Shareholders in 1835

Page 4, In 1849 the BSE Gas Company was formed

Page 5, In 1857 came the first telescopic gas holder

Page 6, the arrival of electricity

Page 7, the 1934 Board of Directors

Page 8, recent improvements, Gas Acts and List of past Directors

Page 9, Production figures since 1834

Page 10, Centre Spread, List of Directors (again)

Page 11, Centre Spread, Company Officials

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"A Century of Progress, 1834 to 1934, the Bury St Edmunds gas Company" is a document in the Martyn Taylor Collection

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