The Station Works in 1875

Robert and George Boby's Station Works in 1875


Description published in 1875 and
Reproduced in the Brewery History Society Journal
Issue 174 of Spring 2018

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The Boby Brothers and the Station Works pre-amble
"Coleman's patent finings manufactory"

Robert Boby buys Mr Coleman's Patent

Bethel's Patent Neutraliser made under license.
Mr Nunn, the manager, provides a tour.
The Suffolk Cooperage now also on site.
The Soaking Room

Turning isinglass into finings.
The importance of the cooperage

The acid works
Casks, vats and barrels exported to all parts by rail
Stables for the local trade with extensive granaries over.

This plaque stood outside the works office. BB refers to Robert and George Boby who were partners in the Station Works.
Robert and George Boby built a beer finings factory here, opened in phases after 1872, with the addition of vinegar, barrel making, and a variety of other processes.

The Station Works c1873
The wooden buildings at the top of the hill were the railway goods depot, eventually replaced by the "Rollerbury" building

The same view - Bury Tyre Centre in 2006
The Tyre Centre building is original from 1872. The old offices with the plaque are just visible on the left of the picture.
Rollerbury is visible on the right. (Originally built for BR as a goods depot.)

The same view - Millers Quarter June 2020.
The plaque shown above was swept away with the old offices by this housing development being completed in 2020.

The text documents reproduced on this page come from the Journal of the Brewery History Society, Issue 174

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