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Robert Boby Miscellaneous Exhibits


Catalogues of (a) Maltsters Requisites

(b) Boby's Barley Sweating method

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For much of peacetime Boby's specialised in equipment for the malting industry. Catalogue c1930.

Malt shovels to Malt barrows.

Other malt handling tools.

Tools to help the maltster to clean and assess the quality of incoming barley.

One problem which troubled maltsters at the time was the natural sweating of barley as it was stored. This had traditionally been addressed by use of a manually operated kiln. Boby's solution was their automated drum system. Catalogue c1930.

This leaflet was produced to discuss the issue and to promote the use of a Boby manufactured solution, which claimed to dry 5 or 6 percent of moisture in 9 hours.

This page discusses the advantages of Boby's system.

This page shows a typical Boby sweating plant installation.

Three alternative ways to install the system, depending upon the client's premises layout.

For much larger throughputs, a column dryer could be added.

Additional column driers could be added to match the extra requirements of larger operators.

The leaflet ends with a list of existing users of both the standard set-up and the larger column drier system.

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